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By I. R. Shafarevich

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This EMS quantity involves elements. the 1st half is dedicated to the exposition of the cohomology idea of algebraic forms. the second one half offers with algebraic surfaces. The authors have taken pains to offer the fabric carefully and coherently. The booklet comprises various examples and insights on quite a few issues. This publication could be immensely valuable to mathematicians and graduate scholars operating in algebraic geometry, mathematics algebraic geometry, advanced research and comparable fields. The authors are famous specialists within the box and I.R. Shafarevich can be recognized for being the writer of quantity eleven of the Encyclopaedia.

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3 Illustration - Technical remarks The integration procedure is certainly completely determined as soon as a local chart (or a candidate for a local chart) is fixed. In the sketched proof of theorem 8 that latter depends first on our choice of the direct decomposition © g= fi Eq of the Lie algebra. Once this choice is made it becomes also necessary 26 to fix a total order on the set of summands. We are working in a highly noncommutative setting. For instance, for a given direct decomposition we could consider, instead of the left product of exponentials PExp A (X) = limExp Ar (X 7V ) o • • • o Exp 2 (X 2 ) o E x p ^ X i ) , the right product of exponentials denned by PExp p (X) = limEx P l (Xi) o Exp 2 (X 2 ) o • • • o ExpN(XN).

Let E c H , where H is a Hilbert space, be an Hausdorff, sequentially complete, bornological, locally convex topological vector space with a topology rendering continuous the canonical injection into H, and suppose that L is a regular diffeological Lie group with diffeological Lie algebra, £. A smooth representation F:£ n-+End(E), where End(E) has the diffeology induced by the function space diffeology, is called regular when given any smooth map, f:Ii—> £ and any bounded subset, B c E , we have that oo Y^ (l/n\)L(f)n(B) ^Oask^oo n=k in Ac = \Jn nC with the C-gauge norm topology; that is, \a\c = inf{\ > 0 : a € AC}, where C is some bounded convex subset of E.

Soc. 14 (1970), 165-184. 15. M. Kuranishi, Lectures on involutive systems of partial differential equations, Publ. Soc. Mat. Sao Paulo, 1967. 16. L. Lempert, The problem of complexifying a Lie group, Proceedings of "Multidimensional complex analysis and partial differential equations" (So Carlos, 1995), vol. 205, pp. 169-176, Amer. Math. Soc, Providence, RI, 1997. 17. J. Leslie, On the integrability of some infinite dimensional Lie Algebras preprint, Howard University (Washington DC). 18. D. Lewis, Formal power series transformations, Duke Math.

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