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By Alexander of Aphrodisias, William E. Dooley, Arthur Madigan

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In Metaphysics 4 Aristotle discusses the character of metaphysics, the fundamental legislation of good judgment, the falsity of subjectivism and the different sorts of ambiguity. the total, transparent remark of Alexander of Aphrodisias in this very important ebook is right here translated into English by means of Arthur Madigan. Alexander is going via Aristotle's textual content essentially line via line, getting to the logical series of the arguments, noting locations the place Aristotle's phrases will endure a couple of interpretation and staining variation readings. He time and again cross-refers to the De Interpretatione, Analytics, Physics and different works of Aristotle, therefore putting Metaphysics 4 within the content material of Aristotle's philosophy as an entire

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The translation seems the most direct way in which to understand Alexander's paraphrase of Aristotle's hekaston hds ekhei tou einai, houtd kai tes aletheias, 'as each thing is in respect to being, so it is in respect to truth', a clearer statement that eliminates the problem of kath' hekaston in Alexander's text. The translation adopts this word order: gnosis tou ontos hds ekhei kath' hekaston, so that hds = 'as', tou ontos is objective genetive after gnosis, and ekhei is used absolutely with [to on] as subject.

From the becoming', which is between being and not-being, so too that which comes to be 'from what is coming to be' itself comes to be from some intermediary; for what is coming to be is between what exists and what does not exist. For what is coming to be is between what is and what is not. For in a way it already is and in a way it is not, but neither does it exist in the unqualified sense (for what exists [in this way] is already complete), nor does it not exist in the unqualified sense; hence neither is it an intermediate of the contradictory proposition (antiphasis),107 for what exists in some way is itself also a being.

62 149,25ff. Aristotle also deals with the impossibility of an infinite regress in the 28 On Metaphysics 2 a series if, in the case of a cause taken from each kind of cause, one were, as he proceeded, to keep naming successively some other cause, so that in the case of the material (hulikos) cause, for instance, this particular thing would always have matter that possesses some other matter, and this latter would again have 30 another, and so on ad infinitum,, [with the result that] there would be no ultimate matter which is no longer from matter.

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