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By Martin Gardner

ISBN-10: 0716714140

ISBN-13: 9780716714149

A notebook of riddles, filled with enjoyable and illustrations.

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L L L L L L L L WIN – 10th hand again by the way! L L L L L 58 35 36 37 38 39 6S 2D 4S JD 3H 5S 3C 4S 7S JH L L L L TIE!!! 10th hand again by the way! Terrible starting hand but I called to the flop and chased (I WAS DEFINITELY IN PATTERN)and ended up with a straight. Sometimes it takes a few rounds to recognize the current pattern. ” Another important thing to note is that a winning “pattern cycle” typically only lasts a few times. Like 2-5 to be exact, and then it switches to another cycle.

You are only looking to win 5-7 big pots per night. You can expect to lose 2-3 pots that you play all the way as well. That’s why it is better to lose early as you are acclimating the table, as the pots will be smaller. You can’t quit for an hour and come back, you must get through the hands PS will throw at you. ) Remember once you win 3-5 hands you can expect up to an hour of getting second best hands while PS works on evenly distributing your money “fairly” back to the players. After playing for a long time you will begin to recognize the patterns of PS.

Besides flopping sets these are the second most profitable hands in PS. I will call up to $4 with these hands preflop with suited connectors 8,9 or higher. I will call up to $2 in PS for suited connectors 7,8 or lower. e. 4h, 5h. ) 36 It’s either hit or miss. And you’ll know. There are only three ways to hit after the flop. You either end up with an open-end straight draw, a 4 card flush draw, or two pair. ) If you have 8s,9s and the flop is 10s, Jd, you are looking pretty good. To sum it up, it’s quite simple if you need one card to make the str8 or one card to make the flush, it’s usually worth the ride.

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