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By Douglas Niles

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This module is designed for 4-7 characters of first via 3rd degrees. It incorporates a map of the village and an outline of its constructions and occupants, an overland trip to a hard underground event for specifically courageous (or foolhardy...) characters, and an inventory of pre-rolled first point characters.

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Intact, each scroll tube is worth 400 gp. If the characters choose to remain in the village, they will be accorded the status of honored citizens. Ramne will be able to teach lower level magic users enough to advance them a level, providing of course that enough experience points have been earned. Thieves, clerics, and fighters will have to journey to Hochoch for the necessary instruction, but will be welcomed upon their return to Orlane. The usual costs for level advancement will be charged to all, of course.

The boat can carry ten persons, and has a long pole inside which can be used to propel it at a movement rate of 3". Ramne, realizing that the end of the quest is near, will cast his globe of invulnerability. He will caution his comrades to stay close to him (but will not tell them why). He will tell them about the naga's charm ability and what he can do to counter it (dispel), and ask the party to tell him when to cast it — as he will be avoiding the naga's gaze as long as possible. In addition to her normal attack, Explictica will meet the eyes of one party member each round unless the character is avoiding her gaze (and taking a -4 "to hit" penalty).

It should be noted that the troglodytes were not charmed to begin with, and will still consider humans as mortal enemies. The rest of the Dim Forest is still mysterious and unexplored, so a creative DM may want to use this as an arena for future expeditions. The additional scenarios included here could serve as an introduction to the network of goblin tribes that lurk here. A DM should feel free to add a map or some other clue to these settings that can be used as a key for further adventures. 39).

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