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Notwithstanding common in nature, this booklet offers with basic matters in arithmetic — quantity, algebra, geometry (both Euclidean and non-Euclidean) and topology. those matters, on a complicated point, are an analogous ones with which a lot of present mathematical learn is anxious and have been themselves examine subject matters of prior classes. the fabric is particularly compatible either for complex highschool scholars and for students attracted to simple arithmetic from a better perspective. it is going to even be very invaluable to school lecturers looking an outline in their material.

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By the above S / (f). By the Principle of Induction, let no be its smallest element. Then a(no — 1) < b < ano- Let r = b — a(no — 1). Then b = na + r and 0 < r. If r > a, then b — a(no — 1) > a; so we would get b > an0, a contradiction. 2. Show that for a fixed a and b, the n and r in the Euclidean algorithm are unique. We now define a prime number. This is a positive integer, p, greater than 1 which can't be factored into a product of two or more numbers in Z + (except for the trivial factorization p = p • 1).

The angle 9, in radians, between the line from the origin through A (a point on the unit circle) and the positive x axis is called the argument of z, written 34 Chapter 1 What is a Number? arg(z), while \z\ > 0 is called the modulus. Clearly, \z\ is uniquely determined by z and arg(,z) is uniquely determined up to an integer multiple of 2ir. In fact, because of the definitions of sin and cos we see that z —- = cos 8 + i sin 6. 10 z. Here we write z = |z|(cos# + ismO). 5 We now prove (DeMoivre's theorem) \zw\ = \z\\w\ and arg(2;u;) = arg(z) + arg(u;).

Let u = cos 2n 1-K \- % sin — . n n By DeMoivre's theorem, we get ujn = 1, but for j = 1 , . . , n — 1 we see that wJ ^ 1 since 0 < - ^ < 2ir and so it doesn't even have the right argument to be 1. It follows that the set of all powers S = {u, u2,.. a;"}, called the nth roots of unity are distinct. For if w-7 = uok where I < j < k < n, then we would get ujk~i = 1, a contradiction, since 1 < k — j < n. Moreover, for j = 1 , . . , n each wJ has the property that 36 Chapter 1 What is a Number? (uP)n = (ujny = V' = 1.

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