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Advances in man made natural Chemistry and strategies said in US Patents presents artificial guidance for getting ready present and commercially major natural compounds, derivatives, and intermediates as stated in issued US Patents. Industries surveyed contain agrochemical, cosmetics and private care items. every one access includes huge info similar to specific laboratory instructions for getting ready all chemical intermediates and characterization info. additionally, product optimization reports, commercial guidance, and new man made equipment were integrated for chosen entries, in addition to projected study instructions for destiny product improvement. In Advances in artificial natural Chemistry and techniques mentioned in US Patents the author's useful process permits readers to spot study and industry developments, and remain up to date on present advancements within the box. * presents man made guidance for getting ready present and commercially major natural compounds, derivatives, and intermediates as suggested in issued US Patents * Identifies product improvement tendencies to assist verify study components * Elucidates use of the united states Patent and Trademark workplace database

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3 g). To this was added benzylthiol (22 mmol), the reaction stirred 10 minutes, and 1,6-dihydroxy-2,4-hexadiyne (10 mmol) added. The resulting exotherm was cooled in a water bath, the reaction stirred 3 hours, and poured into 150 ml water. The mixture was extracted with EtOAc, once with 200 ml and once with 100 ml, washed with water and brine, dried, and concentrated. The residue was re-crystallized in hexanes/chloroform/EtOAc and the product isolated in 65% yield, mp = 121 5–123 C. 2. 3,6-Bis(hydroxymethyl)-1,2-dithiin A reactor was charged with 10 ml liquid ammonia at −78 C to which was added lithium (4 eq) and the product from Step 1 (53 mg) in 4 ml THF.

Howell, US Patent 4,125,724 (November 14, 1978) ADVANCES IN SYNTHETIC ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 24 Method for Producing Alkoxy Malonic Acid Dinitriles J. Bartek et al, US Patent 6,673,957 (January 6, 2004) Assignee: Lonsa AG Utility: Anesthetic Intermediate Patent: Reaction i- Acetonitrile, aluminum chloride, phosphorous oxychloride Experimental 1. 5 mmol) dissolved in 50 ml CH3 CN and refluxed 4 hours. Thereafter, the solvent was distilled off, water added, the product extracted 3 times with 50 ml diethyl ether, dried, and the solvent removed.

The organic layer was washed twice with 100 ml apiece water, buffered aqueous solution of H2 PO4 · H2 O/concentrated HCl having a pH = 2, Na2 CO3 , and 100 ml brine. The product was isolated by the method of Step 4 in 91% yield. ADVANCES IN SYNTHETIC ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 46 7. 1 M solution, cooled to −78 C, and ozone bubbled into the solution causing it to turn deep blue. An additional five minutes of ozone was applied, followed by oxygen to removed excess ozone. Once the blue color dissipated the reaction was warmed to 0 C, NaBH4 (118 mmol) added in one gram portions over 1 hour, and the reaction stirred 4 hours at ambient temperature.

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