New PDF release: Advances in Moduli Theory

By Yuji Shimizu and Kenji Ueno

ISBN-10: 0821821563

ISBN-13: 9780821821565

Shimizu and Ueno (no credentials indexed) contemplate a number of points of the moduli thought from a posh analytic perspective. they supply a quick advent to the Kodaira-Spencer deformation conception, Torelli's theorem, Hodge idea, and non-abelian conformal conception as formulated by way of Tsuchiya, Ueno, and Yamada. additionally they talk about the relation of non-abelian conformal box conception to the moduli of vector bundles on a closed Riemann floor, and convey the way to build the moduli conception of polarized abelian types.

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_ Here - in Jac C-0 is a difference of sets, but + in (Jac C-0)+e_ means translation of a set by a point using the group law on Jac C. 34 S t e p IV. 6. Given any o f even cardinality, let (B^}^^^ , ^^i^ieT *^ ^' ^^^^ '^l''^2 T- „ c Zxz be the set of pairs ^l'^2 { ? Pi' ! Qil ! Pi + ^T - ? ^i "• ^T } ^i=l ^ i=l ^« i=l ^ ^1 i=l ^ ^2-* Then F,_ -, is Zariski closed and projects isomorphically to ^l'^2 Zariski open subsets of each factor. Proof. Rewrite the definition of ] I^i' iQi I ! Pi + ! ^Qi + I L ^ 1 I i=l 1 i=l 1 T^ ^ as ^l'^2 B.

Has poles i=l ^ «> , hence is a polynomial in the affine coordinates s,t, Proof. , is a constant. 2. -(g-l)oo ]. 31 '^divisors l'. / P. such that) i=l i res I ^^ Jac C - 0 n n Symm^C » Jac C ; by Step II, 1(D) = I(D') for D € Z implies D = D' because a function such that D'-D = (h) would have poles only on a constant; in particular 2, p. + «. 1 ^ Z n I 0 = ^ D = since 0 Z P-' hence be i=l ^ is the image of Now if we represent any divisor class in Jac C-0 ? as ? -g'oo by step I, then I ^' is in Z, because if P.

QED. 40 §3. The translation-invariant vector fields Let X be a variety. d/dx-^, i=l a derivation D: ^ a^e(E[X^,---,Xj^ ] . ^ x* In fact, given D(x), f € r(U,0^), define Df by Df(x) = D(x) (f) . When X is an abelian variety, then translations on X define isomorphisms X,0 for all x e x ^X,x (O = identity), invariant vector fields. so we may speak of translation- It is easy to see that for all D(0) € T ^, there is a unique translation-invariant vector field with this value at O. In general, the vector fields on X form a Lie algebra under comjnutators: For translation-invariant vector fields, the coromutativity of X implies that bracket is zero (see Abelian Varieties, D.

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Advances in Moduli Theory by Yuji Shimizu and Kenji Ueno

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