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Chapter 1 fresh advances within the theoretical therapy of acid derivatives (pages 1–58): I. G. Csizmadia, M. R. Peterson, C. Kozmutza and M. A. Robb
Chapter 2 Thermochemistry of acid derivatives (pages 59–66): Robert Shaw
Chapter three Chiroptical houses of acid derivatives (pages 67–120): Rolf Hakansson
Chapter four Mass spectra of acid derivatives (pages 121–174): S. W. Tam
Chapter five Complexes of acid anhydrides (pages 175–212): R. Foster
Chapter 6 Hydrogen bonding in carboxylic acids and derivatives (pages 213–266): Dusan Hadzi and Snegulka Detoni
Chapter 7 The synthesis of carboxylic acids and esters and their derivatives (pages 267–490): Michael A. Ogliaruso and James F. Wolfe
Chapter eight The chemistry of lactones and lactams (pages 491–531): G. V. Boyd
Chapter nine The chemistry of orthoamides of carboxylic acids and carbonic acid (pages 533–599): W. Kantlehner
Chapter 10 Detection and resolution of acid derivatives (pages 601–640): W. H. Prichard
Chapter eleven The photochemistry of natural acids, esters, anhydrides, lactones and imides (pages 641–753): Richard S. Givens and Nissim Levi

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If one assumes that the Deslongchamps model' 2 4 which claims that the tetrahedral intermediate (cf. e. most likely t o decompose, from a conformation in which the maximum number of lone pairs are anti-' perjplanar to the bond which undergoes cleavage, then clearly the decomposition must occur from conformation a even though it is formed in conformation B. T h e change of conformation (B + a ) must occur not only by avoiding t h e high maximum M (cf. Figures 24 and 2 5 ) but in fact along the least energy path.

48 kcal/mole has been found e ~ p e r i m e n t a l l y ~ ~ . 76 kcal/mole. 1 kcal/mole using optimized geometries for both the stable species and the transition state. The geometry3' of the transition state 5 which has C , , symmetry is shown below. 1. 317 Several authors' have calculated the dipole moment of formic acid. 419 D", which were calculated from C1 wave functions. 72 D. 7kHz for the deuterium of the formic acid carbonyl group. Clementi and coworkers36 have calculated ab initio some of the diagonal and a few of the off-diagonal force constants of formic acid and its dimer.

R. Peterson, K. Yates and I. G. Csizmadia, Progr. Theorer. Org. , 2, 162 (1977). 0- 60 - 2401 300 b, - 0 1 . R e c e n t advances in the theoretical treatment of acid derivatives 3 FIGURE 25. Pseudo-threedimensional representation of the conformational energy surface for the tetrahedral intermediate. The minima are shown in the lower projection. Reproduced with permission from M. 14. Lien, A. C . Hopkinson, M. R. Peterson, K . Yates and I. G. Csizmadia, Progr. nieoret. Org. , 2 , 162 (1977). 122 2 H - /?

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