A Workbook to Communicative Grammar of English by Edward Woods, Rudy Coppieters PDF

By Edward Woods, Rudy Coppieters

ISBN-10: 0582381819

ISBN-13: 9780582381810

For the 1st time A Communicative Grammar of English can have an accompanying workbook. The workbook can assist make larger use of CGE via delivering possibilities for perform and discussion.

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There are some great artisan ateliers hidden in Treviso’s backstreets. 2. All the candidates spent the day hustling for votes. 3. I’d like to welcome everyone here and thank you all for giving up your time. 4. Anyone you ask is bound to know the way. 5. Nothing I said could tempt her to tell us what she knew about the candidates. 6. There are few things more tedious than hearing other people blaring into their mobiles. 7. He read every scientific paper he could find on cheese, immersing himself in the finer points of microbiology.

9. I am coming with you, ……………? 10. We’ll meet again next week to discuss this further, ……………? Task two * Complete the sentences below by adding what has been omitted through initial ellipsis. 1. Quite a comic, isn’t he? 2. Sound like my mother, don’t I? 3. Very difficult, isn’t it? 4. Something to do with a strike, wasn’t it? 5. Not coming with us, are you? 6. Didn’t believe all that nonsense, did you? 7. Couldn’t tell him that, could I? 8. Solve the problem, won’t he? 9. Get the money, won’t you?

The evidence ____________ proves that the victim was killed with a blunt instrument. 5. We enjoyed two weeks of ____________ weather while we were cruising in the Pacific. 6. The stock market guru was ____________ knocked off his pedestal. 7. Five-star hotels are often associated with luxury and ____________ bills. 8. Jennifer was described by some experts as a ____________ beauty. 9. To be quite honest, I’m not __________ impressed with Jim’s performance. 10. Are you ____________ going to get married to this unscrupulous person?

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