New PDF release: A Proficiency Course in English (Grammar & reference)

By F.V. Bywater

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28. The police are barking up the wrong tree (think) that the crime was committed by an outsider. 29. She will not put up (be) treated like that much longer. 30. I d o not see any point (apologise) now; it is too late. 31. They aimed (raise) the standard of living of all classes. 32. The Prime Minister took the initiative (open) negotiations. 33. Unfortunately intelligent children are indefatigable (ask) questions. 34. Aren't you being rather optimistic (take) that examination? 35. D o you believe (educate) everyone in state schools?

Stuff and nonsense 3. heart and soul 1. cock and bull 4. off and on 5. so-and-so 6. skimp and scrape 8. sick and tired of 9. down-and-out 7. pros and cons 12. once and for all 11. up and about 10. give-and-take 14. over and done with 15. dead and alive 13. up-and-coming 17. by and large 18. rack and ruin 16. high and mighty 20. head over heels 21. there and then 19. a free-for-all 23. far and away 24. long and short 22. life and soul of 25. touch and go d. Form as many words as possible from the following by adding p f i x e s or suffixes.

To shear 12. to hew 13. to arouse 14. to bleed 15. to forbear 16. to sting 17. toslim 18. topay 21. Explain the difference between sped and speeded up. 22. Explain the difference between hung and hanged. 23. Explain the difference between seek and look for. 24. Give the meaning in modern English of abide. 25. Give two examples of modern English in which wrought as the past tense of work is still used. 12: The constructions with basic verbs T-Z Take 1. I took him to be a student. (Object and infinitive construction.

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