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By Russell Blackford

ISBN-10: 1118607813

ISBN-13: 9781118607817

Tackling a number of myths and prejudices ordinarily leveled at atheism, this eye-catching quantity bursts with glowing, eloquent arguments on each web page. The authors rebut claims that diversity from atheism being simply one other faith to the alleged atrocities dedicated in its name.

  • An obtainable but scholarly statement on hot-button matters within the debate over spiritual belief
  • Teaches severe considering abilities via exact, rational argument
  • Objectively considers every one fable on its merits
  • Includes a background of atheism and its advocates, an appendix detailing atheist enterprises, and an intensive bibliography
  • Explains the variations among atheism and similar options equivalent to agnosticism and naturalism

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He adds that atheism is needed to pave the way for women to have abortions, since, so he thinks, unhooking sexuality from traditional moral restraints will produce numerous unwanted pregnancies. ” He suggests that it must produce terrible guilt for any woman who is morally healthy to “kill her own unborn child,” and that atheism is needed to obviate that guilt (D'Souza, 2007, pp. 268–270). A similar line of reasoning is developed at length by philosopher-theologian James Spiegel, in his not-so-subtly titled book The Making of an Atheist: How Immorality Leads to Unbelief (2010).

212). As a matter of fact, neither Dawkins nor Hitchens nor Harris has recommended any actual stomping, grinding, or destruction of statues. But the impression is created that they are driven by a false certainty which motivates them to behave with Talibanesque fanaticism. All these particular atheists have done is set out their arguments in books, speeches, and the like, doubtless wording them in trenchant, sometimes humorous, ways, but never resorting to force or proposing the use of force. Whatever iconoclasm they have displayed has been metaphorical.

He requested that the prayer part of the program be cancelled. The superintendent initially agreed, but then the story leaked. Fowler was ostracized in his community, one of his teachers publicly demeaned him, students and anonymous others threatened to beat him up or even kill him. Your life can be threatened today in the USA just because you insist that your constitutional rights not be trampled upon in a public school (Christina, 2011). A recent sociological survey from the USA shows that atheists constitute the most disliked among marginalized groups, including African Americans, gay people, Muslims, and recent migrants.

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